Renaldy Brada


I’m not set some new year resolution because it’s sucks. In the past few years ago for example, I want to traveling after graduation and it’s not achieved. I had to work (8 – 5 works) , because I have signing the contract. It’s like I’ve failed doing my resolution, and I hate feeling failed. But now if I try to think again, Maybe I’m not getting fun with traveling but now I had enough experience for my career.

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Python ?

Selama pengalaman profesional saya di dunia IT, baru PHP bahasa yang saya kuasai dengan baik. PHP sudah memenuhi kebutuhan saya untuk membuat API, memanipulasi data, membangun website, scraping data, dan lain sebagainya. Terlebih, framework laravel memberikan developer (terutama web developer) pengalaman coding PHP lebih baik karena package bawaan laravel to the point dan sangat intuitif. Sebagai contoh eloquent untuk manipulasi data, laravel blade untuk templating halaman html, mengintegrasi dengan mail server, dan lain sebagainya.

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My Coffee Journey

Perjalanan kopi saya dimulai tahun 2012. Jauh sebelum kedai kopi kekinian menjamur. Di tahun itu saya sedang kuliah dan ngekos, dan kebetulan punya kompor listrik yang sering digunakan buat bikin mie instan atau kadang juga dipakai manasin air buat bikin minuman sendiri seperti teh, kopi, bandrek, jahe, dan lain-lain.

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About marriage

In Indonesia, marriage has been something attached to someone at age mid 20. Most people here rush their acquaintance to get married. The question like `are you single? where is your mate?` or `when will you married?` aren’t weird anymore. But, isn’t it?

But why? Are they assuming that marriage is a happy things, and other people deserved that? If marriage means happiness, then why divorced number increasing? You and me deserved to be happy, but marriage is other things and not for everyone.

Or they assuming that `marriage is a preventif act for doing sins`? Okay, what sin? sex before married? What about violence or rape in marriage? I’m no God, but I know that the last thing isn’t better than the first one.

I still don’t know why they do that (rushing other to marriage). Maybe there is no specific reason and just becoming a culture, their parents or their neighbor rushing them to get married then after married they rushing other and so on. Specifically in Asia, there is no private room and others always knowing your privacy. Always.

I still hoping that someday people respect other privacy and give someone their own room. Especially in marriage things, I hope that people not rushing other nor give unmarried people with bad stereotypes.

You and me deserved to be happy, but marriage is other things and not for everyone.