Just some reminder to us

76% – 80% of our life are at works. We invested most of our time in it. Some spend their time unpleasantly, but they just do because bills can’t paid itself. So please stop being a jerk at office. Work already has it own stress level, you don’t want contributing to your coworkers stress level by being a jerk.

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The virus came in my country in early March. Since then I work remotely. For some people, working from home is literally boring. At first, I really enjoy work from home. And now almost 2 month long I do WFH and I feel little bored. Because this WFH policies restricted us to go outside if it isn’t necessary.

But honestly I still prefer working from home. I can do something else when I stuck in my task. I have more time too, because I don’t have to drive about an hours to my office. About time, I don’t know the culture in other office or maybe in other country, but in Indonesia there’s this little feeling bad if you go home at 5 straight. But if you WFH, you can leave your task at 5 straight, then continue to our private project maybe or maybe just take a rest.

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I’m not set some new year resolution because it’s sucks. In the past few years ago for example, I want to traveling after graduation and it’s not achieved. I had to work (8 – 5 works) , because I have signing the contract. It’s like I’ve failed doing my resolution, and I hate feeling failed. But now if I try to think again, Maybe I’m not getting fun with traveling but now I had enough experience for my career.

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