Renaldy Brada

Practice Writing in English

grayscale photography of woman praying while holding prayer beads

I remember every detail about that. How it come like a thunder, how it suddenly passed just like a dream, how it breaks my very heart. Even, I remembered how fool I am, hope she will change her mind..

I pray to God, ask for a little peace for me. I’ll leave her peacefully, I’ll forgive her, I promise Him. But He seems doesn’t heard my will. I don’t know, I never see His face or hear His word physically.

Month after month, year after year.. In this moment, maybe I just forgot one simple things that I’m not promise to Him. I will forgive myself. I will not blame myself for the sin I didn’t commit, I will love and accept me.

Oh, if you read this I just want to know that I’m now happy. Don’t worry about that. I just never posted it in my social media. And yeah, I’m happy for you too!

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