Renaldy Brada

Just some reminder to us

three people sitting in front of table laughing together

76% – 80% of our life are at works. We invested most of our time in it. Some spend their time unpleasantly, but they just do because bills can’t paid itself. So please stop being a jerk at office. Work already has it own stress level, you don’t want contributing to your coworkers stress level by being a jerk.

Please manage your own anger. If your coworkers do a mistake, can you just mention privately then give them solutions? Rather than showing your coworker faults publicly without solutions. We aren’t a kid anymore. Remember?

Please stop point a finger at someone when something was wrong. That something wrong isn’t someone responsibility, but the team. So rather than looking for scapegoat why don’t we focus on solutions?

Please stop telling coworkers your unnecessary achievement again and again. Your coworker doesn’t need your success story or your five thousands bucks freelance projects, or maybe some unicorn offers you a job. You aren’t motivator, and your coworkers aren’t desperate. Just shut up and get the works done.

Please don’t be a jerk.

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