Renaldy Brada


I’m not set some new year resolution because it’s sucks. In the past few years ago for example, I want to traveling after graduation and it’s not achieved. I had to work (8 – 5 works) , because I have signing the contract. It’s like I’ve failed doing my resolution, and I hate feeling failed. But now if I try to think again, Maybe I’m not getting fun with traveling but now I had enough experience for my career.

At the edge of 2018, I’m not set resolutions but a main goal. In 2019, I want to found my own happines. No matter what resolutions I’ve take. And I claimed in 2019 I was happy. Not perfect or ideal, just happier than before and that’s enough.

Just set a main goal, and go with it. You can break it down by month. For example if you want to get healthier this year, maybe you can set at January you should do simple stretching at the morning, then at February you will start jogging in your neighborhood, and so on. I think that will be easier than set a specific resolution like ‘this year I will go to gym 3 times a week’.

So, what is your goal this year?

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