Renaldy Brada

Christmas Eve, 2019

Back in 2013, I remember how I felt alone when celebrating christmas eve. How envy I am when seeing a kid hugging and kissing his mom. That was a beautiful scene before my eyes as I remember, but still I envy them. I want that moment just dissapear. Not exactly the moment, but the felt being lonely.

But now here I am, I’ve been celebrating 2 christmas with my parents. Go to church, eating food and listening christmas songs, that was enough. That was my only asking in my prayer 5 years ago. I should be grateful, He will answer our prayer. We just don’t know when, sometimes we just forget what we asking when the answer came.

He is the greatest. He came to the world just to save us. We should be grateful because He loves us, the unworthy. We should be grateful because He will keep His promise to save us. We should be grateful, because He will be the last beside you when everyone else not there.

Happy Christmas for you and your family. May His love and peace stay in our home. Amen.

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