Renaldy Brada


Two days ago, I just started my own challenge to keep posting anything in this blog. But today I’ve no idea what should I write or how to start a story. The fact is, I have write then delete this current post 3 times.

Why is it hard to start writing? I start to think that I have this social media symptoms, even I write in my own blog. I don’t want my readers feel bad about me and I want their claps. I dont know. What I know for sure is, I’ve been working in social media monitoring company and they get all of your data : who are you, what did you tweet, what is your preferences, and all creepy things that other people shouldn’t know.

Then the facebook case came out. Its make me questioning about our (the netizen) privacy. Privacy is no more when you accessing internet. Did you ever experiencing like this creepy things : you never search about baby carrier, the fact is you are not having a baby yet. But someday you just speak and play with your baby nephew, then the baby carrier ads comes out in your instagram timeline? Or maybe when you have a cough, you never search anything about cough because you think it is just an ordinary cough. Then again the cough medicine pop up in your instagram timeline?

So, be very careful in social media. Remember there is no free services, the cost is in different form.

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