Renaldy Brada

The Challenge

Earlier, I create a posts in this blog frequently. I write various posts like travel tips, top culinary in town, my song playlist about anything, and many more. Then come the day when I want more traffic and more virals. I trying so hard making a viral post, but the more I try, the more I feel failed. My best traffic so far is about pork culinary in my town. Aftet that, nothing. I feel like my content isn’t necessary, because no one read it.

Then I dig deeper, try to find out the reasons why I want to started a blog in the first place. No, I’m not started a blog for everyone. I’m not writing a post to please anybody. I just need to write. Some people choose other media like instagram or twitter for expressing their thought and/or opinions. But I think my own blog is the only media that fit me. I can do almost anything here and never worried about social media’s policies.

So, I want to challenge myself and maybe you to write about anything, everyday. It has not to be pulitzer class writing, just 2-3 paragraphs that representing our thought today is enough. And one more: don’t trash away your post, just publish it! Always remember that writing is a therapy not a competition.

Are you ready?

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